108.12.2. General Guidelines

Students, Academic Staff, Non-academic staff and other individuals at the University of Alberta shall observe Universal Precautions at all times within the educational setting to lessen their risk of acquiring or transmitting bloodborne pathogens from/to another person. These precautions entail the avoidance of direct contact with the blood, blood products, and other body fluids of another person. (GFC 15 OCT 1997) (BG 07 NOV 1997)

All staff and students who have any exposure of blood and/or body fluids to non-intact skin, a mucous membrane or a needlestick injury during the course of their work or study are required to report that exposure to their supervisors and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. These individuals are also required to seek medical attention as soon as possible at a medical facility or the University Health Centre. (GFC 15 OCT 1997) (BG 07 NOV 1997)

Further information pertaining to the Health Canada, Infection Control Guidelines: Preventing the Transmission of Bloodborne Pathogens in Health Care and Public Services Settings or Universal Precautions may be obtained from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. (GFC 15 OCT 1997) (BG 07 NOV 1997)