108.12.6 Bloodborne Pathogen Review Committee

In addition, the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) will establish a Bloodborne Pathogen Review Committee made up of experts who can assess both the risks of transmission and the requirements of the affected clinical training programs.  The review committee will consult with the Biosafety Committee and the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Issues Committee as necessary.  The mandate of the Bloodborne Pathogen Review Committee will be twofold:

1. to review these guidelines annually and update the policy to reflect known information about these and other newly identified pathogens; and (GFC 15 OCT 1997) (BG 07 NOV 1997)

2. to be available to Deans, Chairs, the Office of Human Rights and the Practice Review Board among others for consultation on means of reasonable accommodation whereby students who test positive for bloodborne pathogens known to present a risk of transmission may have their training modified. (GFC 15 OCT 1997) (BG 7 NOV 1997)