109.2.2 Student Records

1. Official transcripts are issued by the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards only upon the request of the student. They are issued to the student personally or to whomever the student designates. An official transcript bears the signature of the Registrar and the official seal of the University. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997)

An unofficial transcript or copy of the student's academic record does not bear the Registrar's signature, nor is it printed on security paper. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

2. Unofficial copies of the student's academic record are issued in the form of:

a. Statements of results issued to students at the end of the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer terms. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997) (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

b. Unofficial transcripts issued to students with their advance registration materials and at Convocation. ((EXEC 3 NOV 1997)

c. Unofficial transcripts issued to Faculties, Departments or advisors as appropriate for consideration for admission, academic standing and promotion and for the academic advisement of students. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997)

d. Unofficial copies may be issued at the student's request to other offices or individuals in the University. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997)

3. Unofficial copies of the student's academic record may be issued to the following at their request:

a. Student Counselling Services when a student has been referred for counselling by an authorized officer of the University; (EXEC 3 NOV 1997)

b. Student Awards Office, where an award made through a University scholarship committee is involved, on the understanding that information regarding the student's academic record will not be furnished to the scholarship donor without the student's consent. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997)


Guidelines on student files and confidentiality are available from the University of Alberta Information and Privacy Office.