109.2.3 Letters of Reference

The contents of letters of reference collected implicitly or explicitly in confidence with the consent of the student, for the purposes of determining admission to a program or the granting of an award, may be revealed to the student in accordance with the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

Letters of reference will be used only for the express purpose(s) for which they have been supplied. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

Letters of reference will be retained for at least one year. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

The Provincial Commissioner of Information and Privacy has ordered that, in most cases, letters of reference in support of admission to the University must be released to the applicant.(EXEC 07 MAY 2001)


Guidelines on student files and confidentiality are available from the University of Alberta Information and Privacy Office.