109.3 Retention of Student Records

A. Academic History (Transcript) Records

Note: Student academic history records, up to and including Winter Session 1982, will be stored by the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards on microfilm. Later records are maintained on the student information system. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

1. Only the students' official academic history (transcript) will be kept indefinitely. Source information in the student file will be retained for seven years after last registration and then destroyed. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997) (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

2 Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their official record at the end of each period that they attend by verifying their Statement of Results and the copy of their transcript provided during registration and at convocation. Students should be aware that only the official academic history (transcript) is retained permanently and that source information from the student file is destroyed seven years after the last registration. Queries regarding errors or omissions on the official academic history must be made as soon as possible, and will not be considered after the source information has been destroyed. The University Archives will be provided the opportunity to selectively retain a sample of student records files before destruction. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

3. The Office of the Registrar and Student Awards will enclose a copy of the academic history record (unofficial transcript) with the parchment given to each graduating student, along with a letter asking the student to verify the record and report any problems immediately. (EXEC 3 NOV 1997) (GFC 29 NOV 1999)

B. Other Student Records

Each Faculty, Department and Unit will develop its own policy for retention and disposal of students' records in its custody or control in accordance with its own operating practice and the provisions of the Management of University Documents manual. These policies must recognize the necessity to maintain personal information regarding students for at least one year from the time it is used in a decision-making process concerning that student. (GFC 29 NOV 1999)