13.3.1 Principles

The University of Alberta shall continue its long history of affiliation agreements with private colleges within the boundaries of existing resources.

Because the educational milieu in Alberta has changed significantly with regard to the facilitation of transfer between the University of Alberta and private colleges, as evidenced by:

- the establishment and functioning of the Private Colleges Accreditation Board; and

- the achievement of degree-granting status of Camrose Lutheran University College, Concordia College, King's College and the provisional approval of Canadian Union College for this status; and

- the continuing development and effective functioning of the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer and the Alberta Transfer Guide;

the following principles shall apply to affiliation with the University of Alberta:

1. Affiliation shall continue to provide one option by which the University of Alberta can cooperate with any other institution, body, or person for the establishment and provision of programs, services, and facilities to contribute to the educational and cultural advancement of the people of Alberta [Post-Secondary Learning Act 26(1)(o) and 60(1)(b)].

2. The University of Alberta shall enter into a new or renewed affiliation agreement only if the agreement:

a. facilitates the achievement of the goals and missions of both the University of Alberta and the requesting college;

b. meets a demonstrated need for such an agreement (normally this shall mean that an average of at least ten students per year in a three-year period have applied to the University of Alberta for admission with advanced standing);

c. demonstrates achievement of established academic, administrative, financial, facilities, and support criteria;

d. does not result in costs to the University of Alberta.

3. All costs for review of a new or renewal proposal for affiliation by the requesting college shall be borne by that institution. This shall include costs for site visits, meetings, reports and legal services.

4. Once a private college has achieved degree-granting status, the affiliation agreement will cease although normal transfer procedures will continue.