13.3.2 Procedures

New affiliation agreements and major modifications of existing affiliation agreements shall be established by the Board of Governors upon recommendation by General Faculties Council.

Requests for new and renewed affiliation agreements shall be initiated by the institution requesting affiliation and shall be made to the University of Alberta's Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Should the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) decide to proceed with a full review, the following steps shall occur:

1. Establishment of an affiliation review team composed as follows:

University of Alberta

3 members: the Associate Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (Chair) and two (2) members of the academic staff from Faculties representing areas which would be involved in the affiliation (recommended by the Deans of the respective Faculties).

Universities Coordinating Council (UCC)

1 member appointed by the UCC (at the option of the requesting institution).

Requesting College

Resource persons appointed by and from the requesting college.

2. Initial meeting to gather information.

3. On-site visits by the affiliation review team and three to five University of Alberta faculty members who are not members of the affiliation review team.

4. Review of materials and reports by site visitors.

5. Recommendation by the affiliation review team to:

- the GFC Academic Standards Committee
- the General Faculties Council
- the Boards of Governors of the University of Alberta and the requesting college.

6. Preparation of legal affiliation agreements and documents.