13.5 Taylor University College and Seminary


Please note as of June 27, 2002, North Ameriacn Baptist College was renamed Taylor University College and Seminary. 

Note: GFC approved an initial affiliation with North American Baptist College in 1988. Policies concerning past affiliations with NABC are contained in the 1990 and 1995 GFC Policy Manuals.

At its meeting of June 17, 1996, GFC endorsed the following motion:

That the Board of Governors approve, as recommended by the Educational Affairs Committee, the recommendations of the North American Baptist College (NABC) Affiliation Agreement Review committee, as contained in the Committee's Report, with particular attention to the recommendation that the affiliation agreement between North American Baptist College and the University of Alberta be extended for a further ten years. Prior to the expiration of this agreement [on June 30, 2006], the two parties should assess whether a further renewal of the agreement is desirable. (BG 27 JUN 1996)

NOTE FROM THE UNIVERSITY SECRETARIAT: A copy of the NABC Affiliation Agreement Review Committee's Report is available from the University Secretariat.

(GFC 21 JAN 1974) (GFC 03 APR 1995)
(GFC 28 JAN 1980) (BG 27 JUN 1996)
(EXEC 04 MAR 1991)