37.7.2 Corequisite Course Requirements

Students registering in courses for which a corequisite is listed must also register in the corequisite course or have previously passed the corequisite course with a minimum grade of D.  Departments may cancel the registrations of students in courses offered by the departments who do not meet the corequisite requirements as stated in the course description of this calendar.  Degree credit may be withheld for courses with corequisite requirements if the corequisite requirements have not been met or have not been waived in writing.

Where a corequisite is stated, it is understood that equivalent courses may be used to satisfy the requirements.  In addition, the corequisite requirements may be waived with the written approval of the Department that offers the course.

Students who are unsure that they meet the corequisite requirements in a course, or who wish to obtain permission to have a corequisite waived, should consult the department offering the course.

Courses with corequisite requirements may only be used for degree credit if the corequisite requirements have been met or waived in writing.  A grade of D is the minimum grade acceptable in a course used as a corequisite.