37.9.1 General

In the normal case, courses will be weighted in terms of their hours of instructional delivery.  A course which consists of three hours per week of lectures or stand-alone seminars for one term of Winter Session (eg, 3-0-0 or 0-3s-0) shall be weighted as three units of course weight (i3).  Except for courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering additional laboratory hours will not increase this weight (eg, 3-0-3 is also i3).

In the general case, then, one unit of course weight is assigned for each weekly hour of lecture or stand-alone seminar instruction for the entire term.

Full-Session courses are weighted as the sum of the weights for each term.  Hence 3-0-0 for a full Winter Session received six units of course weight (i6).

A normal laboratory course with no separate lectures or seminars will receive one-half unit of course weight for each hour of instruction per week for the entire term (eg, 0-0-6 for one term would receive 3 units of course weight, or i3),

Other courses have a variety of types and hours of instructional delivery.  In proposing such courses, Faculties shall seek advice from the Registrar who shall maintain a protocol of course weight calculation based upon total hours of instruction.

Some courses are offered for credit only and may carry a weight of i0.

The weight for a given course shall always been the same regardless of the Faculty, program or year in which it is taken.

A number representing this weight shall be included in the Calendar.