50.1 Establishing Targets for New Programs

1.     As part of their proposal for a new program, the Faculty concerned will submit a statement to APC specifying the proposed program?s effect on the existing Faculty enrolment target and including:  

a.     a detailed statement of the impact of the new program on relevant aspects of available human, physical and financial resources;

b.     a statement detailing demand and supply of graduates in the relevant field in Alberta (and Canada);

c.     a draft University Calendar statement detailing admission and academic standing criteria to be applied in the first and subsequent years of the program; and

d.     the likely effects of the proposed program and change in Faculty enrolment target on other academic units and the library at the University.

APC will seek advice from ASC on the admissions and academic standing components of the proposal. (See also Section 12.)

2.     APC, following consultation with the Faculty concerned, will either forward the proposal and its attendant recommendation to GFC, attaching any observations deemed appropriate, or will refer the proposal back to the originating unit for further review. (See also Section 3.)

3.     GFC, after considering a new program proposal, will forward the proposal and attendant recommendation to the Board of Governors for its review.