50.5 Aboriginal Admissions

(See  also Section 11.9 and 108.13)

The University of Alberta is committed to the recruitment, retention and graduation of Aboriginal students' study towards a degree.  The University also recognizes that Aboriginal applicants have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education and has adopted the Aboriginal Student Policy (see Section 108.13) with a view to having the University?s Aboriginal student population attain a level that is at least proportionate to the Aboriginal population of the province.  (GFC 27 MAY 2002) (BG 30 MAY 2002) (GFC 22 MAR 2004)

In order to facilitate appropriate representation of Aboriginal students on campus, additional qualified applicants may be considered over and above the Aboriginal students who are admitted in the regular competition for places in a Faculty.  Aboriginal applicants (see Section 11.9) who wish to be considered for such additional places must attain the minimum admission requirements of their chosen program as prescribed by the University and its Faculties and Schools.  To assist the University in achieving this overall goal, Faculties are encouraged to set aside places specifically for aboriginal applicants, the number being consistent with the available pool, student interests, and available teaching and learning support services. (GFC 22 MAR 2004)

Aboriginal enrollment in each Faculty will be detailed in an annual report provided by the Registrar?s Office, and monitored and evaluated by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). (GFC 22 MAR 2004)

The University shall encourage Faculties to identify other significantly under-represented groups with a view to having the student population broadly representative of the public the University serves.