91.1 Basic Principles

Serious incidents of disruptive, threatening or violent conduct are rarely single-issue, single-answer phenomena. They generally have a broad impact across the University, and require a variety of interventions. This protocol is intended to ensure that the management of such cases is effective and well coordinated across the University, in the following manner:

a. It provides for a Coordinator with the authority to organize an effective response to incidents and cases.

b. It ensures that senior administrators are kept appropriately informed of developments in every case.

The following protocol is designed to ensure responsibility for decision-making is vested in the hands of the appropriate managers. At the same time, it builds in special support and expertise for managers who may require assistance in resolving incidents. Further, the protocol ensures all decision-making is closely coordinated, and information about developments is appropriately channelled. Finally, the protocol builds in a reporting and review process to ensure both accountability and the ongoing refinement of case management strategies. The Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) is responsible for ensuring the protocol is revised and updated as needed.